The Effect of Second Screen Media Multitasking

Blog Moderator | Jul 10, 2013

This “second screen” effect is a relatively new phenomenon that has taken off like wildfire among today’s modern consumers who watch their favorite TV shows with smartphones and/or tablets in hand. Chances are, you’ve looked up a URL or Tweeted about or searched for something you saw on a show or commercial while you were watching it. If you haven’t, chances are you will.

According to Time Warner’s Medialab, 74 percent of those between ages 18-44 are likely to be on social media while watching TV and 83 percent of tablet owners said they have used their devices while watching television. In fact, according to Nielson, more than 40% of Americans have smartphones or tablets in their hands each day as they watch TV. That’s the second screen effect, and networks and advertisers are struggling to figure out how to leverage this new behavior to increase engagement with their audiences.

Recently, Time Warner’s Medialab research group published a study on this topic that examined 300 hours of people’s use of TV, Web, smartphone, tablet and print media for a 10-hour period on weekdays and weekends and found that users are switching platforms every other minute. The study also found that second screen usage of different platforms to multitask is increasing, sometimes leading to a higher emotional engagement rate with ads than those watching TV alone (You can see a great infographic detailing their research results here).

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Small Business Week 2013 Wrap Up

Blog Moderator | Jun 21, 2013

As Small Business Week 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to highlight some great small business websites that are using domains powered by Verisign to help their businesses get online and thrive.

We have been touring the country, visiting some of the millions of success stories of small companies who build big things on the domains we power every day. One such example is, an innovative video production company which has found the perfect place to reach their customers and showcase their work on a .tv domain. Watch the video below to learn about the work they are doing and why they chose a .tv domain and learn about other businesses owners who found the value in getting online here

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5 Ways Small Business Can Use Video in Unexpected and Effective Ways

Blog Moderator | May 30, 2013
Guest Post: by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, a bestselling and award-winning author, TV host, voice-over artist and journalist. 

Think about the most likely and most popular search terms that potential customers use in order to find you or your competition online. You can probably get a list of these from your webmaster, your website’s control panel or your Google Analytics account. By creating a short video that is tailor made to be the answer to a specific search inquiry and promoting it on your website and through social media, yougreatly increase the chances of being discovered by those same potential customers.

Small businesses succeed by being the solution to a problem. By expressing in a video just how you can do that, you stand to target and capture customers. That’s one way to do it.

In the war for consumer attention, a video strategy has become essential to small businesses because video is where you will find today’s modern consumer. Today alone, 82 million Americans will watch 1.6 billion videos on the Internet. Internet video reaches more than 83 percent of all Internet users across all age groups. We live in a society where the modern digital consumer is connected 24/7. Smartphones rule our mornings, desktops give us access during the workday and we spend evenings consuming content from our tablets.

More than half of all mobile data traffic is made up of video. By 2017, that figure is projected to hit two thirds. When only a quarter of mobile traffic is used to browse the web, it’s obvious what mobile users overwhelmingly want is video.

And because mobile search favors local results, it is a small business’ best friend. With all this in mind, small businesses that aren’t leveraging the power of video are fated to suffer less engagement, lost customers and missed opportunities. Here are a few strategies you can use to leverage video to gain more customers.

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Guest Post: The Importance of Your Small Business Website

Blog Moderator | May 23, 2013

We are pleased to bring you a guest post from C.C. Chapman, best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur extraordinaire. 

By C.C. Chapman

Reports show that three out of four small businesses plan to increase their content marketing initiatives in the coming year.

First impressions have never been more important. Today, having a cookie cutter website that shows your hours of operations and perhaps a little bit of information about your business is better than nothing, but it’s not enough.

Search engines crave the addition of new and relevant content to your site on a regular basis before your company will show up high in search results. Jamming your domain full of keyword rich pages without adding any value to them no longer is a tactic that will work on it's own.

There is also a trend starting to emerge where companies are paying more attention to their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts than their own websites.

While I firmly believe that using these other platforms is a crucial part of today's marketing mix, neglecting your domain name - that you own and that isn't rented land from another company - is a dangerous decision to make. Establishing your own website and driving traffic to it whenever appropriate is the best decision always. Yes, you'll share the content you create across the social media sea, but be sure that whenever possible, your potential customers are consuming your content on your own website.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name For Small Business

Scott Schnell | Mar 08, 2013

Today, people often turn to the Internet first for information about businesses and products – whether they are shopping online, or simply looking for a business’ address or phone number – making an online presence one of the most important assets for business. No matter the size or the industry, a Web presence is vital for businesses to help ensure customers can access the information they want.

The most important decision a business owner can make when establishing an online identity is choosing the right domain name. In this digital age, domain names are central to all online activity and businesses should take careful consideration when making their choice. 

Which Top Level Domains Best Serve Small Businesses?

First, business owners need to ask themselves which Top-Level Domain (TLD) best serves their business. TLDs appear to the right of the dot, like .com, .net, .tv. The domain name industry is a competitive marketplace and there are many TLDs to choose from. When deciding where to build your online identity, a TLD can be as important to your business as your second-level domain (what’s to the left of the dot, i.e., your name, brand or product) for many reasons, including security, credibility and search – which will be how most customers find your site.

For more than two decades, .com and .net have been the TLDs of choice for businesses seeking to establish their online presence because they have global recognition and consistent records of security, availability and stability. They are also the TLDs of choice for many search experts because search engines give more weight to websites on .com and .net, making it easier for them to be found.

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