Verisign Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary

Chris Melissinos | Apr 13, 2012

Yesterday was Verisign’s 17th anniversary. It was in1995, when Verisign was incorporated in Menlo Park, California, that saw the introduction of technologies that would shape the digital future.  From the popularization of the World Wide Web and the introduction of JavaScript to DVDs and digital cameras, new technologies that have shaped modern life seemed to spring up on an almost daily basis.

While still in its infancy in 1995, the world was waking up to the possibilities and promises that the Internet represented. The World Wide Web was starting to be discussed in households, businesses and schools; with almost 16 million users and 240,000 registered domains. But not everyone was sold on its staying power.  An article entitled “The Internet? Bah!” published in Newsweek magazine in Feb. 1995 by Clifford Stoll proclaimed:

“I'm uneasy about this most trendy and oversold community. Visionaries see a future of telecommuting workers, interactive libraries and multimedia classrooms. They speak of electronic town meetings and virtual communities. Commerce and business will shift from offices and malls to networks and modems. And the freedom of digital networks will make government more democratic. Baloney…no computer network will change the way government works.”

While this article may have been wrong in the absolute grasp that the Internet had on society,  I also often think about the application of the Internet to future technologies and generations. How will web based applications bring social change?  How will they help us to create new ways of connecting people in this global, digital community, or make breakthrough discoveries that advance sciences, medicine, and economies? And what will Verisign’s role be in helping to facilitate those innovations?

Today there are almost 2 billion Internet users worldwide and more than 225 million registered domains. The Internet is driving billions of dollars in commerce and is central to just about every vital service and industry. It has become embedded in our daily lives.

In a recent poll on our Facebook page, we asked our fans how long they could go without the Internet and 24% of respondents said they couldn’t last 5 minutes while 27% said they could only forego it for one day. I for one am in the former group as are most of my colleagues at Verisign, where we are very proud to be a part of the infrastructure that makes all of this possible.

In the video below, I speak about one of the reasons I love working at Verisign. It’s because I get to be a part of a team that is helping to make the Internet better for everyone who depends on it. There are so many reasons to love being a part of this innovative company and to celebrate the growth of the Internet. What are some of the reasons you are glad that the Internet has had such staying power?