Verisign Announces Participation in World IPv6 Launch

Danny McPherson | Apr 06, 2012

worldipv6launch.pngLast year, along with hundreds of other companies and organizations, we participated in World IPv6 Day, the first coordinated global test of what would happen if many of the major websites, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and enterprises that countless people depend on daily turned on their IPv6 capabilities for 24 hours. The goal was to help Internet stakeholders expand their operational experience with IPv6 through a global 24-hour trial run, and to prepare for the successful long-term deployment of the next generation Internet protocol, IPv6.

As one of the largest transitions in the history of the Internet, there were many theories about what would happen: some suggested it could break the Internet and others suggested cyber criminals would have a heyday breaking into networks. In the end, what we observed on June 8, 2011, was that with a dedicated, disciplined, and coordinated effort to “turn on” IPv6, very little impact was felt by participants and Internet users, and an array of knowledge was acquired across the board.

A small spike in IPv6 traffic was observed by many of the participants, but it quickly went back to normal once the event was over. This is largely due to the fact that many of last year’s participants turned on IPv6 temporarily, only for the duration of the 24-hour event, so it stands to reason they we would not continue to see a persistent uptick in IPv6 traffic. Only a few sites, including ours (, kept their IPv6 capabilities up and running after World IPv6 Day – but that will change with this year’s event, World IPv6 Launch!

To build on the success of World IPv6 Day in 2011, the Internet Society (ISOC) is hosting World IPv6 Launch this year (notice the telling absence of a trailing “Day” there), bringing together ISPs, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services by June 6, 2012 - marking a major milestone in the global deployment of IPv6.

I am pleased to report that Verisign will again join the likes of Cisco, Google, Yahoo!, and many other industry leaders, to participate in World IPv6 Launch. We are confident this will help the world usher in a much broader IPv6 deployment base.

Verisign has been capable of servicing IPv6 queries at the network layer (IP), and supporting IPv6 in the Domain Name System (DNS) itself (e.g., AAAA resource records), for many years. We are committed to continually expanding our infrastructure to accommodate new capabilities and exceed global consumer demand, including all aspects of full feature and functional parity with IPv4, and an expected coexistence with IPv4 and IPv6 into the foreseeable future. We look forward to participating in World IPv6 Launch, which will be a major catalyst for ensuring the stability, security and growth of the Internet.

There is still much to learn about the broader adoption of IPv6, particularly in areas of interdependency, resiliency, and security, and this important event will help ensure that participants are able to share insights and experiences with other infrastructure operators and Internet stakeholders as they ready their networks and services for IPv6.

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